Christos Chrissanthis & Partners is a boutique law firm providing a wide range of professional and sophisticated legal services in the following areas:

Intellectual Property

We have developed substantial expertise in trademark and other distinctive signs protection, unfair competition and similar fields of law. Our experience covers registration of trademarks both in the domestic and European level, as well as court litigation, administrative proceedings, anti -counterfeit and pirated goods proceedings, Customs Authorities proceedings, parallel imports, etc.

Mergers & acquisitions

M&A is one of the firm’s core businesses. During the past decade we have been actively involved in some of the country’s major M&A deals in sectors like foodstuffs, transports, post and courier services, energy, media and entertainment, telecommunications, insurance and financial services.

Insurance & Reinsurance

The firm has always been heavily involved in insurance and reinsurance litigation. Our members have represented in the past Lloyds syndicates and other local and foreign insurers in cases relating to D&O and professional liability policies, aviation accidents, marine insurance, etc.

Aviation Law

Since 2005, our firm has established a close cooperation with foreign firms providing specialized advice to the aviation market. We have repeatedly advised air carriers with international operations regarding their activities in Greece.

Our company's profile

Christos Chrissanthis & Partners is a business law firm located in Athens, Greece dedicated to the provision of high quality, timely and innovative legal services. The firm has developed substantial experience and expertise, as well as an impressive success historical record, particularly in the fields of antitrust, trademarks and patents (both litigation and registration issues), mergers and acquisitions and insurance and reinsurance. Our team has successfully led trademarks litigation before the GCEU in cases T-261/17 and T-215/20. Our founder Christos Chrissanthis was the major reporter of the legislative committee that drafted the new Greek Trademarks Act (law 4679/20) implementing Directive 2025/2436 EU. Christos Chrissanthis drafted law 4796/2021 transferring the competence for the administration of the trademarks’ registry from the Ministry of Development to the Greek Patent Office. We are actively involved both in complex commercial litigation, and in business negotiations, mergers, acquisitions and other corporate matters, as well as in maintaining trademark and patent rights. We have handled cases not only before the Greek courts, but also before the EU Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (trademark cases), the EU court of First Instance, the EU European Court of Justice, the European Court for Human Rights and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (domain name cases). We have strongly invested in information technology systems and developed custom software to meet the needs of specific type of work, such as maintaining trademark and patent rights. Read more...

The firm values lifelong learning and heavily invests in continuous recruitment of its members. As a result, all members of the firm, in addition to their legal expertise, have developed a strong background in accounting, negotiation strategies, management and entrepreneurship studies.
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Christos Chrissanthis

LL.B., LL.M., LL.M., PhD.
Professor of Commercial Law
Dr. Christos Chrissanthis, LL.M., LL.M., is a fully practicing Attorney at Law since 1994 and an Assistant Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Athens, Faculty of Law. His practice concentrates on Intellectual Property, Insurance and Reinsurance, Mergers and Acquisitions and Commercial litigation. He holds an LL.B. and a PhD. Degree from the University of Athens, as well as two LL.M. Degrees from the University of London. He has published extensively on Commercial Law matters in most eminent academic law journals and has successfully led many complex litigation cases that have developed innovative and influential precedents and authorities in Greece in matters, like look alike products, parallel trade, famous marks, professional liability insurance policies, construction all risks policies and reinsurance. He has also worked closely with foreign equity funds in aspects relating to business acquisitions and reorganization of major local enterprises. In addition to his studies in Law, he has also a strong background in Accounting, Management and Negotiation strategies.
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Xenia Chardalia

LL.B., LL.M., LL.M.

Xenia Chardalia, LL.B., LL.M., LL.M., has studied Commercial Law in the UK (Universities of Leicester, Bristol and London) and, in addition to her law practice in Greece, she is also familiar with the English legal system and common law principles. She is practicing both trademark and patent litigation and registration. Her trademark practice encompasses aspects, like famous marks and luxury goods, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. She is also regularly administering large trademark and patent portfolios on behalf of multi-national firms. Xenia has substantive experience in protecting, licensing and enforcing IP rights in Greece and resolving IP issues, including parallel imports, unfair competition and anti-counterfeit products. In addition to her studies in Law, she has a strong knowledge of Accounting, Taxation and Negotiation practices.
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Antonia Vasilogamvrou, LL.B., M.Sc., holds a Degree in Law and a Postgraduate Degree in Management. Before joining the firm, she had also gained work experience in London. Her professional practice is mainly in the field of trademark litigation and maintenance of large trademark and patent portfolios in the sectors of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. Antonia handles intellectual property issues, arising in different types of transactions, with emphasis on IP licensing, use of IP rights in e-commerce and privacy matters.