Mergers and Acquisitions


M&A is one of the firm’s core businesses. During the past decade we have been actively involved in some of the country’s major M&A deals in sectors like foodstuffs, transports, post and courier services, energy, media and entertainment, telecommunications, insurance and financial services. We have worked closely with private equity and venture capital funds in the process of acquisition and rehabilitation of major local target companies. Most of the deals we were involved in related to the acquisition of companies listed with the Athens stock exchange, so we are familiar with the capital markets complexities arising in the context of M&A deals. We have also advised clients in major privatization projects on many occasions. In many cases, the deals we were working on involved the merge of distribution networks of the purchaser and the target company, so we have adapted ourselves in solving legal and commercial issues arising from this type of problem which is very common in mergers and acquisitions.

Our long and continuous exposure to M&A deals has allowed us to build a strong expertise and to developed advanced and business oriented skills in matters like legal due diligence, M&A negotiations, shareholders’ agreements, shares/assets sale and purchase agreements, notification of concentrations to the Greek Competition Committee and the EU Commission, etc.

All members of the firm have a strong accounting background with emphasis on analysis of financial statements; hence we combine legal expertise with accounting knowledge. Our M&A team is also constantly recruited in aspects of business and legal negotiations strategies. It is our competitive advantage that our members, in addition to their deep legal knowledge on M&A issues, are also business oriented.