Christos Chrissanthis


Academic positions

  • Assistant Professor of Commercial Law at the Univ. of Athens, Faculty of Laws (2013 -).
  • Lecturer of Commercial Law at the Univ. of Athens, Faculty of Laws (2006 – 2013).
  • Reader of Commercial Law at the Univ. of Athens, Faculty of Laws (2000-2006).
  • Reader of Commercial Law at the Athens University of Economics & Business (2000-2006)
  • Member of the Editing Board of Commercial Law Review (a Greek legal periodical published since 1950) since 2000.

Professional positions

  • Attorney at Law, member of the Athens Bar (Greece) since 1994.
  • Managing partner of Chrissanthis & Partners Law Firm since 2006.
  • Director of the Legal Department of Star Investments SA, one of Greece’s larger investment and private equity funds, since 2008.

Academic record

  • Athens College high school, cum max. laude (1987).
  • University of Athens, Faculty of Laws, Undergraduate degree in Law, cum max. laude (1991).
  • University of London (QMC), LL.M. in Int’l Business Transactions (1992).
  • University of Athens, Faculty of Laws, Doctorate degree in Law, cum max. laude (1996).
  • University Of London (QMC), LL.M. in Commercial and Corporate Law (2016).

Publications on Trademark and IP Law

1.  A commentary of articles 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 21 of Greek law 2239/1994 on trademarks, in Prof. N.K. Rokas (ed.), Law of Trademarks, 1996, in     cooperation with Aikaterini Delouka [in Greek].
2.  Reflections on legal aspects of trademark protection before civil courts, 2002 [in English].
3.  Likelihood of confusion in the law of trademarks and distinctive signs, Business Law Review, 2003, 339 [in Greek].
4. The binding effects of the judgments of the Trademark Committee upon administrative and civil courts in trademark cases, Papers     submitted during the 2004 Congress of the Association of Greek Commercial Law Lawyers, 2004, 374 [in Greek].
5.  Freedom of competition, the origin function and likelihood of confusion in trademark law, Business Law Review, 2007, 33 [in Greek].
6.  Modern types of likelihood of confusion in trademark law (likelihood of association, initial interest confusion, reverse confusion, after sales      confusion), Business Law Review 2007, 359 [in Greek].
7.  Lack of distinctiveness, descriptiveness and commonly used terms in trademark law, Commercial Law Review, 2008, 469 [in Greek].
8.  Legal aspects of general trademark law theory, Commercial & Company Law Review, 2008, 943 [in Greek].
9.  Legal aspects of international protection of intellectual property, in Prof. Ch. Pamboukis (ed.), Law of International Business Transactions, 2010 [in Greek].
10. Swiss type claims, the reservation of Grece against patentability of pharmaceutical products in the context of the EPC and retrospective effects of TRIPS, in Paper In Memoriam of Prof. St. Kousoulis, to be published in 2010 [in Greek].

Other Academic Publications

11. Forfaiting; an alternative means to export trade finance, 1991 [in Greek].
12. Legal aspects of electronic funds transfers, 1997 [in Greek].
13. Court intervention in the payment of letters of guarantee and letters of credit in Greek and foreign jurisprudence, 1999. [in Greek].
14. Banking legislation, a collection of laws, decrees and other legislative instruments regarding banks and banking transactions, vol. 1 & 2, 2001, in cooperation with Emeritus Professor L.N. Georgakopoulos of the Univ. of Athens. [in Greek].
15. Default interest in eurocurrency loan agreements, Revue Hellenique de Droit International et Etranger (RHDI) vol. 48 (1995), 165-181. [in English].
16. The interrelation of the contract of sale with the contract of carriage and the letter of credit in international trade, RHDI vol. 49 (1996), 515-532 [in English].
17. Transfer of loan assets, Business Law Review (BLR), 1996, 133-141. [in Greek].
18. The liability of banks in the context of inspection of the letter of credit documents, Commercial Law Review (CLR), 1996, 190-209 [in Greek].
19. The liability of the freight forwarder, Business Law Quarterly Review (BLQR) 1998, 920-928 [in Greek].
20. Willful misconduct in the context of the liability of the carrier of merchandise, CLR 1999, 688-713 [in Greek].