Christos Chrissanthis & Partners is a business law firm located in Athens, Greece dedicated to the provision of high quality, timely and innovative legal services.

The firm has developed substantial experience and expertise, as well as an impressive historical record of successful litigation, particularly in the fields of antitrust, trademarks and patents (both litigation and registration issues), mergers and acquisitions and insurance and reinsurance.

We are actively involved both in complicated commercial litigation, and in business negotiations, mergers, acquisitions and other corporate matters, as well as in maintaining trademark and patent rights.

Our team has successfully led trademarks litigation before the GCEU in cases T-261/17 and T-215/20. Our founder Christos Chrissanthis was the major reporter of the legislative committee that drafted the new Greek Trademarks Act (law 4679/20) implementing Directive 2025/2436 EU. Christos Chrissanthis drafted law 4796/2021 transferring the competence for the administration of the trademarks’ registry from the Ministry of Development to the Greek Patent Office.

We have handled cases not only before the Greek courts, but also before the EU Intellectual Property Office, the EU General Court, the EU Court Justice, the European Court for Human Rights and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (domain name cases).

We have strongly invested in information technology systems and developed custom software to meet the needs of specific type of work, such as maintaining trademark and patent rights. We have also greatly invested in human resources and recruitment of our personnel, both legal and paralegal. Above all, we are continuously investing in the development of expert legal skills and innovative legal solutions for our clients. As a result, we are able to offer highly specialised and expert quality legal services on very favourable and cost effective terms.

Dr. Christos Chrissanthis, LL.M., LL.M., PhD, who is in charge of our trademarks department has 25 years experience and has published extensively on trademark law issues. He is also an Assistant Professor of Commercial Law at the Law School of the University of Athens and a member to the editing board of Commercial Law Review, one of the more eminent commercial law legal periodicals in Greece, published since 1950.

Xenia Chardalia, LL.B., LL.M., LL.M., has studied law at the Universities of Leicester, Bristol and London. She has developed substantial experience in the fields of intellectual property, unfair competition, insurance and reinsurance law and companies acquisitions. She is administering large trademark and patent portfolios for local and multinational clients. She has also a substantive knowledge on accounting and negotiation strategies.

Our practice and legal services are oriented to the following principles:

Expertise and legal innovations: During the past years we have developed innovative skills and expertise in commercial law, through a team of legal practitioners who devote themselves to what they do best, consulting and litigation. We were the first to introduce innovative legal methods and strategies, particularly in the fields of parallel imports, counterfeit and pirated products. Some of the more important antitrust and trademark court cases that were reported in Greek law reports were successfully handled through our law firm. For example, we were the first to persuade Greek courts to apply modern legal theories like the ‘reverse confusion’ theory and the ‘initial interest confusion’ theory.

Assimilation of clients’ corporate practices: We work with a number of multinational enterprises with different approaches to their legal affairs. We are used to adopt and apply the corporate policies, practices and strategies of each client.

Cost effectiveness: Our long and well developed expertise allows us to offer our clients high quality services on favorable and cost effective terms. We are proud to be able to offer our clients the most cost effective prices within Greece, without affecting the quality of our legal services. We, thus, enable clients to enhance legal protection and economize expenditures at the same time.

Network of foreign branch offices: We closely cooperate with a network of highly specialized offices of commercial law in the Balkans and East European countries. This allows our clients to manage their legal cases more efficiently in the geographic area where we are active.

Exclusivity and absence of conflict of interest: Regarding intellectual property cases, we apply strict standards with respect to conflict of interest, so as to secure our clients’ strategies and trade secrets.

On this website, you will find more details about our expertise, a sampling of the results we have obtained for our clients.

If you wish to receive more information regarding our legal services, please feel free to contact us.